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"An agile little assassin...Entromancy is a gem waiting to be found."

--Geek Native

"I am seriously impressed with this book. My favorite part is the near-total absence of scaling, and the menu-option approach to gaining new features from your class and destiny. It works well here for the same reason it works well in Powered by the Apocalypse playbooks and 13th Age."


"Nightpath [Publishing] has established a setting with teeth that can grab the imagination of player and game master."

--EN World

"A...cyberpunk/fantasy take on the 5E rules that might be one of the fastest pick-up-and-play games out there."

--Drop Lowest

Entromancy is a tabletop roleplaying game set in San Francisco in the late 21st century.  In our world, a quarter of the earth's power now runs on ceridium, a newly discovered element that has had the unintended consequence of spawning a new race of people, and several forms of magic that were once thought to have been forgotten.

In Entromancy, you’ll take the role of a character in a futuristic, technology-driven, magic-rich world complete with espionage, spellcasting, hacking, and engaging action sequences.

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The Game

The core system of Entromancy is based on the world’s most popular roleplaying game, and will allow you to choose from five diverse races and five unique classes to create your character and begin your story.  You’ll progress your character by taking on challenging missions and eventually embracing one of the game’s five brutally powerful destinies, which are like prestige classes.

Want to stealth hack your way into enemy territory as a Vanguard, enhancing your faction standing with the underrace nation of Aurichome?  You can do that. Interested in putting together a crew of NIGHT Agents to clean out San Francisco's Presidio of zombie-like ragers? We've got you covered.  Striving to climb the ranks of the Unaligned so that you can unlock the ferociously powerful, chaos-based magic of the Entromancer? No one's stopping you...other than the other two power hungry factions standing in your way.

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Game Features

  • Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying.  Enter a futuristic, magic-rich world where technology is ever-present and several forms of forgotten magics have resurfaced -- for better and worse.

  • Unique Characters.  Choose from five diverse races and five unique classes -- from the dual-pistol wielding Revolutionary to the magic-savvy Technomancer -- to create your character and begin your story.  Progress your character by taking on challenging missions and eventually embracing one of five brutally powerful destinies.

  • d20 Mechanics.  Experience a streamlined gameplay system based on the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, simultaneously allowing for exciting action and storytelling while providing for a great deal of depth.

  • Action Gameplay.  Get into the game quickly with easy onboarding for new players and engage in action-packed gameplay with spellcasting, hacking, cybernetics, and much more.

  • Faction-Based Espionage. Increase your standing with Entromancy’s three competing factions of NIGHT, Aurichome, and the Unaligned, while attempting to make your mark on a world that has become fractured after years of population explosion, socio-economic tension, and magic-based warfare.

The Orichite Age

The late 21st century has never looked so grim, but it's not without hope.

Welcome to The Orichite Age, an episodic expansion series to the critically acclaimed Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG.  Over the course of several brand new modules, The Orichite Age will bring players from a cybertech-dominated future to a magic-rich past, with new stories, character options, gear, cybernetics, adversaries, and encounters.


The Orichite Age Omnibus collects Module 1: Rise of the Redhats, Module 2: Struct, Module 3: The Present Past - Part 1, Module 4: The Present Past - Part 2, and Module 5: Bits and Bionics. It also features the spectacular work of Katherine Bartlett, Nathan Haslé, Elena Miller, Rachel Seeger, and Owen St.Gelais.


Module 1: Rise of the Redhats updates the Entromancy world state with lore recaps from Technomancy: Book Two of the Nightpath Trilogy and Shadowmancy: Book Three of the Nightpath Trilogy, and adds the new Troll player option and four new adversary types, including the Unaligned Firebrand, Firebrand Ringleader, Shadow Dragon, and Technodragon.


Module 2: Struct introduces the Struct system for building and telling stories within the Entromancy universe. Offering a brand new set of GM tools that can be used à la carte as needed, Module 2: Struct features a full system for GM-less (or “GM-light”) Entromancy play.


Module 3: The Present Past, Part 1 introduces the Auromancer, a hybrid magical- and melee-based class that utilizes the power of sound to deal devastating damage and generate protective shields. Module 3: The Present Past, Part 1 then uses the Struct system to offer a brand new adventure path that prepares players, and their factions, for a chaotic and dangerous expedition through the centuries and into a war-torn Orichite Age, continued in Module 4: The Present Past, Part 2.


Module 4: The Present Past, Part 2 introduces the Chronomancer, a powerfully magical new Destiny that harnesses time magic. Module 4: The Present Past, Part 2 then uses the Struct system to empower players, and their factions, to pick up where they left off in Module 3: The Present Past, Part 1, following through on their chaotic and dangerous expedition into a war-torn Orichite Age.


Module 5: Bits and Bionics spotlights the work of Nathan Haslé, one of the original game designers on the Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG core rulebook and creator of the Auromancer and Chronomancer class and destiny.  In this module, Nathan puts the cyber into cyberpunk by introducing the cybernetic-wielding Bionic class, 10 powerful new cybernetics, and 10 devastating gear to boot.

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