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Check out the Nightpath Publishing One-Page RPG App!

Hey agents!

I'm excited to share that the Nightpath Publishing One-Page RPG App is now available!

The Nightpath Publishing One-Page RPG App is a companion app for running games with Entromancy: Chaos Rifts, Game Turkeys, {CODE}isattvas, and Not-So-Super Villains.

The app is free to use and a link to the web-based version is available here.

The Nightpath Publishing One-Page RPG App is made with raylib, raygui, and raylib-cpp. If you enjoy using the app, please consider making a donation to raylib or purchasing Entromancy or other Nightpath Publishing products.

Known issues:

  • Windows OS is currently the only supported platform (other than web, please see above)

  • Text can run a little small on the desktop version

  • The logo PNG is required to be placed in the same directory as the .exe to function properly

  • The web version on mobile does not correctly render the logo watermark

  • "Resize canvas" and "Lock/hide mouse cursor" need to be unchecked on web if "Fullscreen" is selected

You can follow a quick tour of the app below:

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback at!

Happy gaming!


-M. S. Farzan and The Nightpath Publishing Team

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