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Learn C# and Unity Networking by Building a 2D Multiplayer Tabletop Card Game (2021 Update)

Learning C# and Unity can be daunting at first, particularly if you're intending to develop multiplayer games.

In this full video tutorial series, we'll build a 2D tabletop card game from scratch, utilizing the open source Mirror Networking API to implement our multiplayer.

By following the series, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a Basic Setup for Unity Projects

  • Design a User Interface (UI)

  • Utilize Card Sprites and Prefabs

  • Implement Drag-and-Drop

  • Draw Cards Programmatically

  • Create and Use DropZones

  • Set up Mirror

  • Understand Authority and Ownership in Mirror

  • Send Commands and Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) over the Network

  • Flip Cards

  • Zoom in on Cards

  • Use Target RPCs

  • Understand Synchronization with SyncVars

  • Log to Built Clients

  • Use ParrelSync to Run Multiple Clients Simultaneously

  • Decide on Options for Collaboration and Deployment

Begin this 4-hour 58-minute video series here:

You can also access the Git repository for this project here.

Happy coding!

-M. S. Farzan

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