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Ring in the New Year with New Cryptographers Guild Content!

Hey agents!

The Entromancy Cryptographers Guild continues to grow, with more community content available for your cyberpunk fantasy adventures in 2076 San Francisco and beyond!

Six Entromancy Encounters by Carl Matthews

Need something quick just to fill in a journey, interrupt the characters' downtime, or just make life a little more...interesting for them?

Can your Entromancy characters deal with a police checkpoint, a mutated sewer creature, or a vault waiting to be robbed? What about a field of undead, a desert ambush, or a squad of very serious Special Forces soldiers? Each encounter comes illustrated to give you some ideas of the set up, and a couple have simple maps where the layout is easier to explain visually.

Each creature is illustrated with full stats for the Entromancy game.

The need for interesting, weird items could arise while GMing Entromancy missions. In that case, simply crack open this file with your digitab and roll d100 on the list of 50 trinkets contained herein!

From the same author of bestselling GLORANTHA: Trinkets from Dragon Pass and RAVNICA: Trinkets from the City of Guilds.

RPG Stock Art - Zombies by Erivaldo Fernandes

Need some zombie stock art for your Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or other online campaigns? Erivaldo Fernandes has got you covered with 6 PNG images that will do the trick!

If you're interested in publishing your own content for Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG or Entromancy: Hacker Battles, head over to the Cryptographers Guild main page or check out the content guidelines to get started. You can also join other Cryptographers on the Official Entromancy Discord Server.

We're looking forward to seeing what you create!


M. S. Farzan and The Entromancy Team

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