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What We Do

Nightpath Publishing provides digital marketing strategy, organizational management, and campaign planning for all types of digital and tabletop games.


We're here to help you level up your marketing and get your games in front of the right people, no matter your budget.

We provide strategic marketing campaign planning  and organizational management consulting, including:

  • Brand ideation

  • Marketing roadmap and content strategy

  • Positioning and key features

  • Social media strategy and best practices

  • Mock reviews and game design feedback

  • Asset versioning and optimization

  • Social listening and analytics

  • Web, email/CRM, paid media, and PR consultation

  • Kickstarter campaign and fulfillment consultation

  • Code review and deployment consultation

  • Livestream and influencer strategy

  • Organizational optimization to maximize ROI

  • Tabletop game and indie author self-publishing best practices

Who We Are

M. S. Farzan, Ph.D. has written and worked for high-profile video game companies and editorial websites such as Electronic Arts, Perfect World Entertainment, Modus Games, and, and has extensive experience in digital marketing, campaign development, organizational management, and content strategy. He is the Creative Director and Lead Designer for Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG, Entromancy: Hacker Battles, Not-So-Super Villains, and author of The Nightpath Trilogy and Jinnspeak. You can find him on Twitter @sominator.


“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to be writing and managing our Indie Access blog. Som is reliable, professional, and always a pleasure to work with.”

-Shane Bierwith, EVP of Global Marketing, Maximum Games/Modus Games

"Som was a powerhouse in helping out with Visionary Realms’ growing community. Experienced, professional and a fun guy."


-Benjamin Dean, Director of Communications, Visionary Realms

Get In Touch

Please be in touch with us directly at to get started on your campaign!

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