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Dolphins vs. Unicorns

Card-Based Espionage


Dolphins vs. Unicorns: Card-Based Espionage is a competitive card game for 2 players. In Dolphins vs. Unicorns, you and your friends will take the roles of spymasters and engage in fast-paced, strategic card battles to deploy squads of secret agents and attempt to overcome each other’s counter-espionage defenses to win the game.

  • Competitive Card Game Mechanics. Draw cards to build and unleash savvy dolphin or unicorn squads upon your opponents while gaining infiltration points to overcome their defenses.

  • Customizable Gameplay. Choose from five distinct special maneuvers and multiple objective cards for a new experience every time you play.

  • Expandable Up to 4 Players. Engage in fast-paced 2-player card battles where strategy is paramount to victory, and add extra decks to play with up to 4 players.

  • TCG Gameplay, Reimagined. Experience strategic card battle mechanics without having to collect extra cards to succeed.

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