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December 20, 2019

Step inside the OneBookShelf publishing hub to learn the ins-and-outs of self-publishing on DriveThruRPG, DriveThruCards, DriveThruFiction, and more!

Check it out (24 minute watch):

Happy publishing!

-M. S. Farzan

December 20, 2019

Learn all about how to set up a Twitter ad campaign with accurate targeting!

Check it out (16 minute watch):

Happy publishing!

-M. S. Farzan

December 19, 2019

Learning to code by following tutorials is no small thing, and yet there tends to be a separate learning curve when you're attempting to move out of the tutorial ecosystem and into creating your own projects.

I've written elsewhere about how to escape tutorial purgatory and make progress as a programmer, but suffice it to say that a necessary step in your development as a developer is to venture out into the wild west of progra...

December 19, 2019

If you're moving from coding tutorials into creating your own JavaScript projects, you'll want to become familiar with using a version control system like GitHub and benefiting from ES6 features to clean up your code and streamline your development process.

In this new video, we'll walk through cloning an existing repository from GitHub, creating your own local and remote repositories, utilizing node package manager (NPM) to in...

December 16, 2019

Working with the canvas in Unity 2D can feel complicated at first, particularly if you're attempting to learn the editor while also tackling C# scripting.

In this new video, we'll create a basic 2D card game in Unity with randomized decks and draggable/droppable cards using the canvas, C# scripting, prefabs, and more!

Check it out (1 hour 10 minute watch):

Happy coding!

-M. S. Farzan

December 11, 2019

Hey agents!

I'm so excited to share that Entromancy: Hacker Battles is NOW AVAILABLE at DriveThruCards!

Entromancy: Hacker Battles is a cyberpunk fantasy tabletop card game for 2 players. In Entromancy: Hacker Battles, you and your friends will take the roles of hackers and engage in fast-paced, strategic card battles to deploy devastating programs and attempt to overcome each other’s security protocols.

  • C...

November 22, 2019

I'm excited to share that Not-So-Super Villains is now available on DriveThruRPG!

Not-So-Super Villains is a comic book-inspired, one-page super villain RPG.  In Not-So-Super Villains, you’ve been hit with a cosmic blast that has enabled you with super powerful mutations, while also accentuating some of your best and worst personality traits. You’ve thought long and hard about using your newfound powers for good...but...

November 17, 2019

If you're shopping around for a 2D game engine, you've undoubtedly come across Unity. Dipping your toe into Unity's editor can be overwhelming if you haven't had a good overview of where all of the tools live, particularly if it's also your first time using C# to write scripts.

In this article, I'll give you a tour of Unity's 2D features with an overview of what tools you'll need to create a 2D game - and where to find them in...

November 17, 2019

If you're moving from online tutorials to building your own projects, you might be overwhelmed by the idea of setting up your own integrated development environment (IDE), or wonder why you even need one to get your work done.

In this article, I'll discuss what an IDE is and give you some ideas about what yours might look like, particularly if you're working in JavaScript, although the information will be applicable irrespectiv...

October 31, 2019

If you're shopping around for an engine for your next 2D game, this article will provide some things to consider that may help in your discernment process.

Do note that I'm not attempting to cover every 2D game engine out there; nor am I positioning one engine or framework over another.  These recommendations are from my personal experience using different engines and frameworks for prototyping.

And if you'd prefer to watch rath...

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